Jumpingcastles.net.au offers large-size castles for kids and teens alike. These castles are made using high-quality materials ensuring the safety of the users. To hire large jumping castle for kids in Australia, contact us. Our large castles are designed as per the latest trends and we ensure to offer the best entertainment source in the form of a jumping castle to make our party a special one. Our castles are designed using durable materials so that the user can easily jump on it without fearing about getting hurt. Some of the castles also have a dedicated jumping area, bounce beds, covered roof with a space for air ventilation, etc. Our gender-neutral castles feature safety nets to ensure complete safety of the user.

Here at Jumpingcastles.net.au we offer durable and easy-to-install large-size jumping castles for hire. Our castles are designed on the basis of amazing themes. To hire large castle for kids in Australia, contact us anytime. You just need to select the castle of your choice and rest assured that the jumping castle will be delivered and setup on the party day to keep the kids happy and entertained. All jumping castles are available for half day (4 hours) and full day (7 hours) hire. So, what are you waiting or Call us anytime and book a large castle for your party today.

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